Winter Whites

This winter season, top designers like Sherri Hill, Faviana and Jovani did so much with the simple color of white. Whether it's beautiful shimmer, lavish lace, a princess ballgown or just a simple, sleek gown, they totally rocked it. Check out the winter whites available at Trudy's Prom.


Hiiii beauties! Sherri Hill, prom's top and hottest designer, has finally released her Spring 2019 collection, and it. is. amazing. There's a perfect combo of boho chic, ballgown babe, fresh florals and of course, the classic, elegant gowns. What kind of style are you looking for this year?! Take a CONTINUE READING

Radient Reds from JVN 2019

Top prom designer and collection JVN by Jovani has released their 2019 collection (hint hint, find them at Trudy's), and there's a whole array of beauty, beads and boss-babe styles this year. One noticeable trend I noticed in this 2019 season, one that I personally consider a classic, is the radiant red I'm noticing CONTINUE READING

Where my girls at?!

At any wedding, there are some pretty key players that are needed to make the event happen: For one, the bride or groom. Second, the soon-to-be spouse. It's pretty obvious that those are the two most important roles. But, what do you think comes third? You could say the parents CONTINUE READING