2018 Oscars Red Carpet – Live From The Living Room Couch

As usual, the 2018 Academy Awards Red Carpet was a palooza of stars, styles and statements. It's basically Christmas -- watching the starts arrive... gauging their look... assessing their accessories... and most importantly, forming my own opinions. As I watch from my living room couch in an over-sized t-shirt, glass CONTINUE READING

Out with the Old, in with the Bold

Freshman year, you watched from afar. Sophomore year, a little more comfortable and confident around school, but still a couple years to wait. Junior year, your upperclassmen friends get dazzled and decorated, and you observed with envy. How is it already so close? & then, 2018, Senior Year: Your Moment. Your CONTINUE READING

Dare To Be Different | Prom 2018

Prom 2018 fashion has managed to take a bit from the elegance of yesteryear, combine it with some spice from today, and create something entirely new. Top designers like Sherri Hill, Jovani, Faviana and Scala have dared to experiment and combine attributes that traditionally don't go together. The result? An CONTINUE READING

Prom 2018 – Seize the Moment

When prom is one night of your life and there are thousands of dresses, styles and colors to choose from, it’s understandable that you want to play the field, test out a variety and be SURE with your decision. I promise, we get it. We want to be just as CONTINUE READING