Signs of Summer

Calling all Geminis, Cancers, Leos and Virgos! It’s your time to shine this summer, so we’ve picked out a few dresses that are sure to highlight your personality. From colors to match your birthstone to cool styles that will match your independent or passionate attitude, these looks will bring out CONTINUE READING

Stand Out with a Statement Back

Want to find a way to make your look more unique? We've got something that we think might help — a statement back! Shift your focus from the front with these fun and daring open-back styles. From edgy straps to large keyholes, these dresses will show off your back in all CONTINUE READING

The Perfect Dresses for Summer Nights Out

Is your summer as packed as ours? From weddings, to vacations, to parties, it seems that there’s always some place to be this season. What’s even more difficult is deciding what to wear to all of these events! At Trudy’s Prom we understand how stressful the search for the perfect CONTINUE READING

Crop ’til You Drop

Break up the monotony this summer by opting for one of our trendy two-piece dresses! Whether you want something flowy, short or form-fitting, the diverse styles on our website will help you bring a little edge to the typical gown. Sherri Hill 52910 You’ll be everybody’s favorite girl-next-door in this CONTINUE READING