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Dare To Be Different | Prom 2018

Prom 2018 fashion has managed to take a bit from the elegance of yesteryear, combine it with some spice from today, and create something entirely new. Top designers like Sherri Hill, Jovani, Faviana and Scala have dared to experiment and combine attributes that traditionally don’t go together. The result? An explosion of style that is totally new, totally unique and totally amazing.

Deep v-neck with an elegant cape? You got it. Classy cut-outs with a little sparkle? Sure thing. Dazzling romper? Yep. Mermaid style two-piece with a floral pattern, fabulous sleeves and an off-the-shoulder neck line that perfectly captures the ’70s vibe you’re going for? Don’t even worry about.

Faviana S8087
Scala 48826
Sherri Hill 51513
Jovani 48922











So, girls, that’s a nod to you:

Try Something New. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone. Dare To Be Different.

Jovani 46060
Sherri Hill 51272
Scala 48849
Faviana S10075











Bows. Beads. Sleeves. Florals. Ruffles. Pockets. It’s on the racks. It’s mixing and matching. & we’re here for it.

Trudy’s Prom encourages you to visit our location, try on a couple (or three… or four…) different styles, and really get a feel for the wide-array of unique combinations available to you. And don’t be afraid to try something that is not typically your style! That’s what changing rooms are for, sis. What’s the fun in sticking to what you know? There are so many amazing styles, colors, fits, shapes, lengths available like never before… take advantage! This is the time.

You never know what will totally fall together and become your signature, prom 2018 look.

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