NYE glam

Can you believe it? 2019 will be here in less than a week! How did 2018 go by so quickly?! Wasn't it just summer, like, yesterday?! Before we launch into full-on Prom 2019, let's take a peek at what Sherri Hill and Jovani have for us to say farewell to CONTINUE READING

Holiday Happiness

With the wintery season approaching, some of the top designer have some stunning red, green and white styles that will help you rock your holiday party. Let's take a look at what Sherri Hill and Jovani as released in their Prom 2019 collections, available at TrudysProm, to rock this season! CONTINUE READING

Where my girls at?!

At any wedding, there are some pretty key players that are needed to make the event happen: For one, the bride or groom. Second, the soon-to-be spouse. It's pretty obvious that those are the two most important roles. But, what do you think comes third? You could say the parents CONTINUE READING

Wedding Season Style

Spring-time: Prom season. Fall-time: Homecoming season. So, what about this wintery season? Of course there's New Years, but let's talk about another season: Wedding Season. & when it comes to wedding season style, there's a way bigger spectrum than simply the anticipated and beautiful wedding gown. That style is for CONTINUE READING